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SIM cards compatibility in the US


Below we have gathered useful information for customers that have issues with getting a correct SIM card from US operators.


1. SIM card size

Our devices use a mini-SIM (2FF) SIM card size. Obtain SIM kit with the correct SIM size from your operator.


2. Choosing a plan

Our device requires calls/texts services enabled, data is not required. Depending on a carrier, it can be M2M or IoT plan or a normal plan just like for a mobile phone.


3. IMEI number

If your cellular operator requires IMEI number for a SIM card activation, you can check the IMEI on SMSEage device in web-GUI > menu Settings > tab Sysinfo.


4. Operators

a) T-Mobile

  • If you have troubles getting the right SIM kit, ask for "T-Mobile 3-in-1 SIM Starter Kit"
  • no other problems were reported by our US customers


b) AT&T

  • If you have trouble getting the right SIM, ask for IoT AT&T SIM. You might also activate a consumer SIM in a normal phone and put it into SMSEagle
  • SMSEagle NXS-97xx-4G devices are certified by AT&T
  • SMSEagle MHD-8100-4G devices are using Quectel EG25G LTE modems - certified by AT&T. This information is often required when activating SIM by AT&T customer service.
  • Messaging plan should be associated with a SIM


c) Verizon

  • currently only SMSEagle NXS-9700-4G and NXS-9750-4G devices are certified for use in Verizon network.
  • according to official information from Verizon all the standard M2M price plan options are available (including unlimited text)


d) Sprint, US Cellular

  • no problems were reported by our US customers


e) virtual operators

  • some customers use virtual operators like Mint, Ultra Mobile, Red Pocket, AlarmSIM, Tello, or Twilio Programmable Wireless. Contact a virtual operator of your choice for more details on their plans and SIM availability.

If you experience any problems with getting your US SIM to work, please submit a support ticket to obtain help.


Some helpful tips from our US customers

  • Use a delay between SMS texts (can be set in menu Settings > Application) to prevent blocking by spam filters.
  • Send messages from each modem to the other modems every 1 hour (this creates an artificial "chat" traffic) so the line is not cold.
  • Encourage the recipients to reply as one-way text will get a number blocked more quickly.
  • Consider using MMS instead of SMS.
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