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Disable incoming SMS messages


To disable incoming SMS messages:

1. Log in via SSH to the SMSEagle

2. Edit config
[NXS,MHD device type:]
nano /etc/gammu-smsdrc1
/etc/gammu-smsdrc2 (* if you have second modem)

[NPE device type:]
mcedit /mnt/nand-user/gammu/gammu-smsdrc

3. Add new lines in [smsd] section:
receive = false
hangupcalls = 1

It should look similar like this:

# PIN for SIM card
logfile = /var/log/gammu/smsd1.log (*or smsd2.log for second modem)
debuglevel = 1
runonreceive = /mnt/ramdisk/www/scripts/
receive = false

4. Save file and exit

5. Restart modem software

a) Enter webGUI > tab Maintenance
b) disable selected Modem and press "Save" button
c) enable selected Modem and press "Save" button


Final notice: The configuration described above will allow to stop processing of incoming messages in the following way: SMS will be received from cellular network and stored in internal memory of RF-module. However, they will not be processed neither by modem software nor by SMSEagle GUI application.


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