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Disable incoming SMS messages


To disable incoming SMS messages:

1. Log in via SSH to the SMSEagle

2. Edit config
[NXS device type:]
mcedit /etc/gammu-smsdrc1
mcedit /etc/gammu-smsdrc2* (optionally)

[NPE device type:]
mcedit /mnt/nand-user/gammu/gammu-smsdrc

3. Add new line in [smsd] section:
receive = false

It should look similar like this:

# PIN for SIM card
logfile = /var/log/gammu/smsd1.log* (or smsd2.log
debuglevel = 1
runonreceive = /mnt/ramdisk/www/scripts/
receive = false

4. Save and exit by pressing Alt + 0.

5. Kill daemon
killall gammu-smsd

6. Run sms daemon
/mnt/nand-user/smseagle/smseagle-cerber-gsm2* (optionally)
/mnt/nand-user/smseagle/smseagle-cerber-gsm (for NPE device)

Now your device won't show incoming SMS messages, however it will be still stored on your SIM card. When you switch 'receive' to 'true' incoming messages will appear in web-gui.

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