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Email2SMS - what to do when you encounter problems with sending emails-to-SMS


What to check when your Email2SMS plugin is not sending messages.

1. Make sure plugin is enabled (Yes), and status is Enabled

Send test email to SMSEagle.
Check in SMSEagle System logs (menu Settings - Sysinfo) if the gateway received your test email.

Sample System log content with notification that test email reached SMSEagle:

Apr 14 09:52:52 (none) postfix/smtpd[29235]: connect from unknown[]
Apr 14 09:52:52 (none) postfix/smtpd[29235]: D258028A: client=unknown[]
Apr 14 09:52:52 (none) postfix/cleanup[29238]: D258028A: message-id=<005f01d07688$02e31250$08a936f0$>
Apr 14 09:52:52 (none) postfix/qmgr[1888]: D258028A: from=, size=2901, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Apr 14 09:52:52 (none) postfix/smtpd[29235]: disconnect from unknown[]
Apr 14 09:52:56 (none) user.notice daemon: Email2SMS: Email has been converted to SMS and saved in Outbox folder
Apr 14 09:52:56 (none) postfix/pipe[29240]: D258028A: to=<660294495@[]>, orig_to=<660294495@>, relay=php, delay=3.8, delays=0.05/0.01/0/3.7, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered via php service)
Apr 14 09:52:56 (none) postfix/qmgr[1888]: D258028A: removed

Remember: Your SMSEagle device has to be visible by the SMTP server you use for sending emails.
Devices does not have to be in the same local network (which is great option), but has to see each other with SMTP server.

If you doesn't have any postfix notifications in the System log, it means that your emails are not being delivered to the device. Please check your email SMTP server logs if it is sending your emails correctly.

3. Do a test with SMSEagle as SMTP server.
To see if it is really a problem with your SMTP server, you can do a test that utilizes SMTP server built in SMSEagle device for sending emails.

a) Configure your email client:

  • SMTP host: IP address of your SMSEagle device
  • SMTP port: 25
  • Authentication: SMSEagle SMTP server doesn't require authentication
  • Encryption: none

b) Send test email to  telephonenumber@ip_address 

c) check your SMSEagle System log. Postfix notifications should appear, there should be a message in folders Outbox or Sent Items and finally you should receive SMS message at your cell phone.

NOTE: SMSEagle's internal SMTP server does not accept emails sent to other hosts than itself, so if you are having 'Relay access denied' error please check your email recipients (e.g Outlook's test message won't work).

If your SMSEagle received test email from itself, it means the device is configured properly. Focus on your SMTP server configuration.


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