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Gateway is not sending messages. Modem log reports "Error sending SMS: No SMSC number given."

If your gateway is not sending messages and in modem log you've got following error:

Wed 2016/03/09 17:01:26 gammu-smsd[2275]: Error sending SMS: No SMSC number given. Provide it manually or use the one configured in phone. (EMPTYSMSC[31])

We suggest to put the SMSC number in sms daemon configuration, it should solve that issue.
To do so:
1) Log in via SSH
2) edit config file:
(modem #1)                    mcedit /etc/gammu-smsdrc1
(optional for modem #2) mcedit /etc/gammu-smsdrc2

3) At the bottom of the file add (we advise to add this after line with deliveryreports):
smsc = xxxxxx (where xxxxx is your smsc number)
Please also add empty line at the end of the file.
4) save and exit (alt+f10)
5) Restart gammu daemon
killall gammu-smsd
(modem #1)                    gammu-smsd --daemon -c /etc/gammu-smsdrc1
(optional for modem #2) gammu-smsd --daemon -c /etc/gammu-smsdrc2

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