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How to monitor health of SMSEagle device


SMSEagle offers several ways to monitor its current health:

1. SNMP protocol

SNMP protocol is the most comprehensive method to monitor SMSEagle device health. SMSEagle device has a built-in Net-SNMP agent which allows access to Linux Host MIB tree of the device. This permits you to watch:

  • typical Linux OS metrics like: CPU load, disk usage, memory usage, uptime, ping, HTTPS port, etc.
  • metrics specific to SMSEagle: cellular network signal strength, outbox queue length, number of sent messages within last 24h/month, number of sending errors, etc.

See this article that describes available SNMP metrics


2. API

SMSEagle also offers a number of API methods that allow checking current device status. The following API methods can be utilized:

  • Get GSM/3G/4G signal strength
  • Get outgoing queue length
  • Get sentitems length
  • Read SMS with parameter: folder=outbox (returns detailed information of each message in waiting queue)

Check more details in API documentation


3. Forwarding system logs to external log server

SMSEagle devices runs rsyslog for log managing. Rsyslog allows forwarding of logs to external logging server.

Please check latest user's manual. chapter "Forwarding logs to external server" for more details. 


4. Community tools and solutions

There are great community tools that can be used to setup monitoring health of SMSEagle device. Here are some that we know of:


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