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Installation of Let's Encrypt SSL certificate


In order to install Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, please do the following:


1) Connect with SSH to your SMSEagle

2) Run the following command (depending on your device type)

a) for NXS-97xx Rev1 (device MAC starts with 78:a7:14:54) and for NXS-97xx Rev2 (device MAC starts with 78:a7:14:55):
Guidelines how to use can be found here:

c) for NXS-97xx Rev3 (device MAC starts with 78:a7:14:56 or 78:a7:14:64 or 78:a7:14:65)


d) for MHD (devices MAC starts with 00:07)


and proceed with on-screen commands to obtain a SSL certificate.


Notice: If you encouter any problems using certbot, please use script instead.



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