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How to activate Verizon SIM on SMSEagle NXS-9700/9750 4G device?

In order to activate your Verizon SIM card at SMSEagle please proceed with the instructions below.
Right now NXS-9700-4G and NXS-9750-4G are supported by Verizon Wireless. 

Note: This instruction applies only to NXS-97xx Rev.3 devices (MAC address starts with 78:A7:14:6x....). If you have NXS-97xx Rev.4 device (MAC address starts with 78:A7:14:7x....) do not perform the steps below - Verizon mode works out-of-the-box.

1. Install patch for Verizon support on your device (this step is required only in software version < 4.0. Please do not perform it in 4.0+ software version)
Go to http://SMSEagle_IP/patches (where SMSEagle_IP is actual IP address of your SMSEagle device)
Put code: OC1A0NPZ and proceed with on-screen instructions. If your device has no internet connection, please contact us via Support Portal, and we'll provide you correct patch file to manual installation.
This will automatically enable Verizon mode on your SMSEagle's internal modems. You won't be able to use SIM cards from different carrier in this mode.
2. Enable/disable Verizon mode
To manually enable/disable Verizon-mode please connect via SSH and run following command:
verizon_mode 1 on   (to enable the mode on modem #1)
verizon_mode 1 off   (to disable it on modem #1, and use SIM from other carriers)
3. In case of problems
If your device is not connecting to the Verizon network, and you've successfully installed patch (or switched on Verizon mode), please create a support ticket here at this Portal, including MAC address and IMEI number of your NXS device.
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