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Minimize information in a modem log


This article describes steps how to limit the information saved to modem software log to bare minimum. It allows to skip saving to the log possibly confidential information like phone numbers and message texts. We advise to implement the steps described below in high-security environments.


1. Log in via SSH to the SMSEagle

2. Edit modem software config file
[NXS,MHD device type:]
nano /etc/gammu-smsdrc1
/etc/gammu-smsdrc2 (* if you have second modem)

3. Change the line:
debuglevel = 1

debuglevel = 0

4. Save file and exit

5. Restart modem software

a) Enter webGUI > tab Maintenance
b) disable selected Modem and press "Save" button
c) enable selected Modem and press "Save" button

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