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Manual network selection tool



NOTICE: This instruction applies to software version 4.33 and higher. If your device has a lower version, please perform a software update first.

Every SMSEagle device by default uses an automatic network selection mode - similar to mobile phones. In certain cases, it may be necessary to select a different network than the automatic mode does and use the manual selection mode. In order to do that, please follow below manual:

1) Disable the modem at which you want to change network selection in the UI (Settings -> Maintenance tab), no need to reboot the device at this moment.

2) Connect with SSH (as root) to your SMSEagle and run the following command:

gammu -c /etc/gammurcX listoperators

(where X is the number of the modem you're changing the network)

3. After a while, it will show the output of the networks available in your area for your SIM, e.g:

Requesting list of network operators, please wait...

Selector Name Status Technology
26006:2 PLAY current UTRAN
26006:0 PLAY available GSM
26002:2 PLAY forbidden UTRAN
26002:0 PLAY forbidden GSM
26003:2 PLAY available UTRAN
26003:0 PLAY available GSM
26001:2 Plus forbidden UTRAN
26001:0 Plus forbidden GSM

In the output, you can see available network selectors, their full names along with their corresponding status and access technology (possible modes depends on the modem used).

Available technologies shown are:
GSM - 2G network type
UTRAN - 3G network type
E-UTRAN - 4G/LTE network type

Possible status types:
current, available, forbidden

4) To select a different network than the current one, please run the below command with a new selector ID from the previous list:

gammu -c /etc/gammurcX setoperator 26006:0

(above example will select the same network, but in the different - GSM mode).

5) After setting up the network selection please re-enable the modem in the UI.

6) If you want to go back to automatic mode run:

gammu -c /etc/gammurcX setoperator auto 
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