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Whitelisting incoming SMS messages


It is possible to whitelist (limit to certain numbers) incoming SMS messages on your SMSEagle device. In this scenario, SMSEagle will ignore all incoming SMS from a phone number not present in the whitelist.

This can be done via modem software configuration file.


1. Log in via SSH to the SMSEagle

2. Edit config
nano /etc/gammu-smsdrc1
/etc/gammu-smsdrcX (* for multimodem device. Replace X with modem number)

3. At the end of file add a new section [include_numbers]. In the section add one or more "description = phone_number" pairs.

number1 = 123456789
number2 = 987654321

4. Save file and exit

5. Restart modem software

a) Enter webGUI > tab Maintenance
b) disable selected Modem and press "Save" button
c) enable selected Modem and press "Save" button

If [include_numbers] section exists, all values (keys are ignored) from it are used as allowed phone  numbers and no other message is processed.


Notice: The configuration described above will allow to stop processing of incoming messages in the following way: SMS will be received from a cellular network and stored in the internal memory of a radio module. Stored messages will be ignored and will not affect the work of the device.

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