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Gateway is not sending messages. Modem log reports Status = 111

If you experience the following problem:

Tue 2016/10/04 00:20:12 gammu-smsd[11255]: SMS sent on device: "/dev/ttyACM0" status=111, reference=-1

Field status reports error numbers, which are referenced as CMS errors. Definitions of most of them are available e.g here:

Error 111 is described as Protocol error, unspecified which basically is a bit..unclear but the issue is pretty sure caused by the SIMcard.

Our suggestions:
  • check with your mobile carrier if this SIM is not blocked somehow, or assigned to one particular device (your old one?)
  • ask carrier to 'delete the profile information' of the SIMcard
  • check Is this SIMcard capable to work with GSM/3G device? (it can't be CDMA only)
  • check GSM signal strength (usually ~30% is the lowest value for proper message send&receive)
  • check is the SIM able to register in network/make calls/send messages/have SMS service enabled?
  • check if the mobiler number you provided is correct
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