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Email2SMS - sending from public internet to the device in private LAN


This article explains what's required for Email2SMS to work in a scenario where email sending device/application is located in the public internet, but SMSEagle works in the local LAN - they're not in the same network (this scenario works out of the box).

If you're going to send emails from the public internet, you'll need to configure your local LAN where the SMSEagle works, so it can be accessed from the public internet.
The most common options are:

  • configure port forwarding (required port tcp/25)
  • assign DMZ to the SMSEagle
  • assign public IP to the SMSEagle

This must be configured in your local LAN - at your router or firewall. We advise contacting your local IT/Network admin what's the best option for you.

If your device will work behind NAT (with port forwarding), NAT IP must be configured in the Email2SMS plugin settings.
There's also an option to assign an FQDN and use a domain name instead of IP address.

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